Monday, April 30, 2012

Simplicity with an edge

Shoes: .....

Shirt: Mossimo Dutti
Shorts: Mango

Earrings: Gift

Bag: K.O.B


 ~ Now you can pair a plain shirt with any shorts but it's summer so why to add a pop of color! Yellow is fine but you can go with neons or pastels!

~ To add a summery kind of feel you can pair it with sandals like the ones above that give of an urban feel

~ If you want to continue the urban feel you can use a brown urban bag or like what i did paired it with a simple one just to pul things together

~ If you want to turn your outfit up a notch pair it up with statement and colorful accessories to go with your outfit such as feather earrings, tassel accessories (since they are so in) long necklaces (i suggest the one from F21) bangles, and of stud accessories

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HUNGER GAMES MOCKING JAY PIN. Contest, MORE tips and trends and of course outfits!

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A little bit of Men's wear

Dress: Pretty in PInk


 ~ To dress down a dress you can add a belt- such as a vintage looking belt like the one on top or if you don't have it you CAN use men's belts because it's an amazing alternative to the usual vintage apparel

~ You can throw on top of course a cardigan to add a laid back feel to your outfit and sneakers 

~ If you want a classic look you can just go for a blazer instead of a cardigan and of course flats or heels

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Random Fashion Tips :)

Hello! It's Daphne. :)
This is a VERY pretty nail polish because It's purple with gold flecks. :)
  • NEVER lay it on too thick - this will make it peel off after a few days - that's exactly what happened with this manicure.

^Nail Polish Tip^
It's summer! (for us :)) which means it's time for summer nails!

T-shirt - Zara (I think)/gift
Skirt - Forever 21
Necklace - From parents' trip.
This outfit has no story behind it...I just really wanted to wear the skirt because right now printed/boho fabric skirts are really in, and I understand why!
  • For plain shirts, use accessories to spice up an outfit.

These kinds of accessories can range from cheap to a little pricey - it all depends if you want real or fake corals. Most of these can be found at those little vendor-style shops at beaches, beach-themed stores OR boho-themed stores. Tip:
  • Coral/rock-looking necklaces are the perfect summer accessory for the beach! It looks even better when you layer multiple necklaces.

Assorted bracelets - unknown
Nail Polish - Orly
Bangles are so old-school I guess but they still look really pretty for summertime (and any outdoor activity). Tip:
  • Stack bracelets so you don't need many other accessories...Plus it makes a pretty sound when you move...PLUS it gives a nice gypsy feel.

Shirt - Boutique
Shorts - Shortened from cargo pants
I wore this today to a casual-ish soft opening of Tips and Toes. I wore closed shoes which I do not recommend for a mani-pedi (it makes you really paranoid even when the nail polish is dry). But because I wore shorts, I wore an airy shirt with ruffled sleeves to make it more formal. I wore the bracelets because all the colors matched the comic-like shirt. :D

Money saving tips:
  • You don't need to go to fancy/expensive/branded stores to get trendy clothes - even those under-the-radar shops will have unique and trendy clothes for much less. :)
  • Instead of buying new shorts, shorten pants you've outgrown or gotten tired of - this can be done yourself, or buy a professional (even professionals can be cheap).

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Kid-ding Around

Zanea shoes (again), shorts, ABaKada bag and My personal necklace!

      F.Y.I the background of the picture is a slide :-) and of course of me.. just kid-ding around. Hey, its summer! the perfect time to be a kid! So outfit synthesis: being in a cool place/environment, I dawned on a grey sweater, and shorts so not to block the cool air. I did not really focus on the clothes instead: the accessories! Kiddy time! Psst! How do you find my cutie necklace? joined it together myself (proud grin) with stray necklace plastic string I bought and my loose assortment of silly bands and letter bracelet accessories. The thing is everyone has fashion (everyone) its the style that differs, this blog is not for telling you what to wear but telling you what you CAN wear and introducing you to different things. So Whatcha think? So thats my kiddie time!

What's your kiddie outfit?

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Sunday, April 1, 2012


By: Daphne

So these are my sketches! I used to have more but I don't know where they are...anyway! the second ones were drawn during clubs (it's very boring in Junior Chorale). For the gown I wanted something like those mermaid styled bottoms, but I made it more airy and puffy to give the mermaid style a little twist!
For the short dress I wanted something fun but edgy! The dress is supposed to be a thin material for the light part, but a thick leathery material for the dark parts. The tights are what make it fun!
So now for the first drawing! I didn't really know what I was aiming for. I just started drawing randomly. The bejeweled top was the only main idea of mine, the rest was whatever felt best. I imagine it to be made with a really light fabric, that's why the bottom is meant to be bouncy and fluffed. The side also has a slit. I guess that's how to sketch: Don't analyze every single detail, go with the flow of the drawing!

How do you like the new logo? :)