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Peter Pan Collars and Statement Necklaces

Peter Pan Collars and Statement Necklaces

Hey Guys :-) 

   Long time no post..., haha its my first polyvore post, and its about Statement necklaces and Peter pan collars!I'm pretty sure you guys are familiar with it already seeing it in magazines, blogs and celebrities!

Peter Pan Collars,
-Detachable collars that can glamor any simple outfit even a plain white shirt with shorts will work! You can buy them at etsy, topshop and other plenty stores! If you cant buy one, make one! Its simple enough!, To help you check out this awesome site that can help you make your own collars, its simple and easy! 

Statement Necklaces.
Another life saver if you want to jazz up your outfit with accessories sometimes you don't even have to add more accessories because its fashionable enough, just like that. For summers, you want neon ones that can make you unique and different!
First Polyvore Post: Check!, Posting soon hopefully, I promise...

-Happy Colors (Collars), Anne <3

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On-going Trends

On-going Trends

On-going Trends by fashion-stars1 featuring antique gold jewelry

Hola everyone!

So this is my first Polyvore set post so i really do hope you guys like this! Anyways, so this post is mainly about on-going trends as seen in the title up thur^

Trends of the month!

Trend 1: Colors
I huge trend this month is colors so people aren't really afraid to wear neons or pastels mainly on their bottoms such as shorts, skirts and all. Another thing is through bags like sachele's which is another trend that is popular nowadays- i don't really need to further explain it...

Trend 2: Bracelets
Stacking bracelets is another popular trend because it just look so pretty and there's just something that makes it look nice- not really that explainable but it is nice to look at, sort of like nail polish! Looks pretty thats why you put it on!

Trend 3: Shirts
So there's a huge trend now for sheer, peter pan collars, and lace shirt nowadays and to be honest i find that this trend is the absolute cutest trend, i don't really know but i am not the collar person but when it comes to this- its an exemption! it may seem formal but you can dress it down with shorts and sneakers.

Trend 4: Vintage Necklaces (Or vintage-y ones)
VIntage-y necklaces are another thing especially long necklaces which is what i think will never die, because to be honest i think this trend is to die for, ok i may say 'die' a whole lot but i mean it! You can pair this with almost any outfit you want!

Trend 5: High Low Skirts
So it may be a skirt, dress or shirt but this is another huge trend, personally i don't want the back of the skirt to be floor length but somewhere near the back of your knee most probably, i'd only wear a long one if it was formal or something but it can be for just normal outings and i really like this skirt mostly with shirts you can tuck in tanks, shirts, almost anything goes with it and it comes in different colors as well.

Trend 6: Heels
Now we all know this is a never stopping trend but nowadays platforms are very in, it may seem so high but thats what you think- platforms are actually at least 3 inches and thats a bit cheating because the one that adds an inch that makes it seem tall is the platform which isn't the actual heel since it's on the sole of the foot.

So hope you guys like this post, sorry i haven't posted for awhile and that this post isn't as good as the others! Please follow us and feel free to comment!

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Stay fierce!

- Pam ~ <3

Sunday, June 10, 2012


By: Daphne
Sweater - Mango
Hey-oh! So let's talk about the sweater/cardigan. I got it on SALE, so don't think I'm rich for shopping at Mango hehe! I usually don't go for sweaters because I feel really hot in them where I live. I couldn't pass this up though because the fabric was so soft and thin. My sister said it looks really 'preppy', I think it's the color. One last note: I got it in XL instead of my size (S) because I wanted it like an oversized sweater. So don't be afraid to try things in different sizes because you never know, it might give off a different look that you like more.
Worn with above.
Sandals - Boutique
Worn with above.
Earrings - gift.

My stash of rings that will continue to expand
All - Unknown or in Boutiques
Rings. My current obsession. These little things can make any outfit even more special than it already is. Here are some reasons why I love rings:
  • You can STACK them - Stack them as high as you want! On as many fingers as you want! Make sure you can bend your fingers though. XD
  • You can use them as NECKLACES - Just string them onto a chain and you're good to go!
  • They can be really CHEAP - Especially if none of them have gems.
  • They BLEND - Meaning, if you're trying to go for one look, you can wear a ring that doesn't follow that 'look', and it won't clash.

Pants - Esprit
This isn't connected to anything but I just want to show you what I got recently! It was 50% off, and I'm such a sucker for sales, so I couldn't resist. I love it because it's so different from my other pants (I'll show you guys an outfit with these SOON.). Plus, the color was gorgeous!.

So see you guys next time, and look out for our interview with The RaNdOm Girlies!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cimorelli Love

You guys must have the wonderful Cimorelli Band!, They are amazing, Start with some of their cover videos up there and I promise you more will follow! :-) Have fun!

<3 Anne

Mocking Jay Pin Contest Announcement!

Hey guys so i have some sad news about the contest..

So the bad news is i couldn't find enough materials to make the Mocking Jay Pin so i really am sorry that it's delayed...

But the good news is the contests will be on hold-ish till i get my hands on the materials i need so i really am sorry for that! But while it's on hold you can still enter so it really isn't that complicated! The rules are still the same so please enter the contest! :)

Really Sorry!

- Pam ~ <3

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Ocean Breathes Salty

By: Daphne

Hey guys! So I went on a vacation before the end of school. I went to....the beach!

Day 1
Top: Boutique
Leggings: Forever 21
Polo: Unknown
Shorts: Unknown
Bathing suit: Arena
A: I wore this on the flight...When on a flight wear something comfortable, you don't want to be fussing on an airplane! My personal favorite thing to wear on flights are leggings and loose/baggy shirts.
B: For the second outfit I wore my tankini top as a shirt. But I covered it up with an open polo shirt. Haha I didn't know I could wear bathing suits as clothes until I read a magazine. :))

Day 2
Top: Boutique
Shorts: Zara
Sandals: Holster
 This part was mostly sightseeing so I wore something I could move around in. :)

Day 3
Bikini: Speedo
Romper: Unknown
Blouse: Unknown
Boardshorts: SM
 A: This day we went snorkeling, and we had to take a boat to the island so I wore this blouse as a cover-up.
B: After snorkeling we headed to the second resort so I changed into a romper cover-up.

 Day 4:
Shorts: Zara
Tank: H&M
Hat: souvenir
This day was all just relaxing...we walked on the beach and I got a henna!!!

Necklace: Souvenir 

Summer Trends:

~ Nautical themed clothing
     a simpler term for this is sailor esque clothing. Nowadays a lot of people like wearing tanks that have stripes and anchors theme which is what i am in to as well nowadays, it perfect for the summer a good thing to pair this up with is a hat may it be a fedora or just a normal beach hat, it also goes well with another popular trend which is colored or printed shorts.

~Printed or Colored Shorts
        this summer and spring a lot of people nowadays love color blocking so people tend to add color through a pair of shorts instead of wearing plain jean shorts. Its a good way to add a pop of color to a plain tank or shirt, you can wear this with prints as well so that the textures may seem interesting.

~ Knitted sweaters
        sweaters nowadays are very in as well as knitted ones, it can be a great cover up for a swimsuit or just as a top to make it look like a layed back comfy outfit you can wear when its cold -which is another good advantage! You can use it as a cover up to when you go to the beach!

~ Tribal Accessories
     this is yet another popular trend which i find never ends since you can wear it at any time may it be day or night so this is something that i think can never go out of style! The good thing about this is you can stack these accessories and they'd still look casual, classy or just something fun!

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