Saturday, March 31, 2012

Twisting Vintage

         Hey! I hope you know what vintage is because this is MY vintage look :-) its wearing something from the olden times (which means the skirt, pointing as the 'puffy' part of the dress) and mixing it up! so ta da! vintage in my way!
How do you like it?

<3 Anne

Sketches 101

Hey guys! Sorry i haven't posted for the longest time!

So as you can see this is not my usual outfit post and as i promised this is a little peak to my recent sketches! So i made these sketches earlier this month and i just got inspired by so many things- really inspiration can come anywhere so always bring a pencil and paper with you! Or a camera!- Anways the first pic is kind of a masquerade ball kind of thin and as you can see there's a lot of squiggly lines in it so that for me is kind of like a representative of black lace and under it is purple (my favorite color) so I'm using purple not as the main color because like what Christian Siriano said that you have to add hints of your favorite color in your outfit, just because you like that color doesn't mean you should wear it as the main thing.

Next is this dress that extends and it's kind of short in front then it flows to the back in a kind of soft way and it get's longer (the skirt i mean) as it goes to the back. So this dress will be a teal-ish color... its kinda hard to explain so yeah.

Anyways, now that you've seen my sketches wait till you see Anne's and Daphne's. Sorry btw if it's black and white.. that's how i sketch since i don't have and Tria markers yet...

Stay tuned for a tutorial from me, loads more outfits and of course more fashion stuff! 

- Pam <3

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hey Guys!

We decided for your benefit to change our URL to make it a bit shorter and easier (and of course to re-design our webpage!) We hope you'll continue to be our readers and enjoy!

To be:
For Now:

-Anne,Pam and Daphne.


     Hello! It's Daphne!
     So, my post got deleted accidentally though I don't know how. But I'm re-doing it!
Vest - Bazaar
Jeans - Guess
Tank - Unknown
Necklace - brooch from my mom on a chain 
     So the first outfit I wore to a lunch with my mom and her friends. I think this outfit was perfect for that occasion because it had the sophistication to make a good impression on adults. :P But of course it was also a very fun outfit because it had that trendy but comfy feel to it.

Romper - Unknown
      I wore this when I went to the mall with my family for lunch . I was really lazy to dress up that day so a romper was perfect! Rompers are perfect for something you just want to throw on - like a dress! But since dresses are more on the formal side, rompers are really nice because they have the same idea as a dress (in my opinion) but are more casual.
Bracelet - Gift from my dad
      I love this beach-y bracelet 'cause it's so laid-back!

Shrug - Garage sale
Tank - Gift (but from SM)
Skirt - Gingersnaps
      I wore this one to mass and that's why I wore the sweater! The reason I paired this skirt and tank is because I felt the skirt was too dressy. Tank tops are naturally very casual so pairing dressy with casual give it the balance of just right. :)
*No shrug

Shirt - Forever 21
Shorts - My mom had it made from my dad's extra pant fabric
     I wore this on a mall trip with my friends where we watched the Lorax! That movie was so adorable with some catchy songs. :D I wore this because since it was a friend outing, I wanted to be youthful and use the trend of bright summer colors! I really loved the color combo of pink and orange!

That's it for now!

Ooh, and we just finished our logo for the blog so it'll have that little extra pop. :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Boho Hunger

Shirt from Palace, and typical leggings and Souvenir Earrings

      A perfect comfortable outfit for a tight holding movie like Hunger Games! Wearing a light comfortable outfit including a braid in the honor of Katniss and super duper cute earrings bought as a souvenir I'm ready for the hunger games! Hehe that was a pure joke, I wouldn't last a day in there!

<3 Anne

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Color Me Cheer

Yipaer Shirt, ABaKada Bag and Forever 21 Shirt

          Just feeling a weekend bite of Cheer-fullness so on to the colors! Throwing on a simple look of colors which include my favorite colors blue and teal! and viola! pure simple cool. Happy Weekend!

<3 Anne

Monday, March 19, 2012

Double Trouble

Pam (Left) and Daphne (Right)


Pam (Left)
Shirt: HerBench/ Pants: Jag/ Shoes: Random Store/ Necklace: Gift
Daphne (Right)

Hey guys it's Pam once again! So you're probably wondering why me and Daphne are in one picture well its because we had a Parent-Daughter Recollection in school so yeah, and we we weren't able to wear shorts because if we did that would violate our school rules.

Anyways so the first pic is me and Daphne- Im on the left and Daphne is on the right- So i had a simple shirt tucked in, a pair of pants that we're cut on my mid-thigh with a simple brown belt and black shoes, and to make this outfit more interesting i placed on a necklace that i received from my friend Beatrice who was featured in this blog before. Daphne's outfit is a plain blue drappy shirt with a tank top under with simple gray jeans and to add a pop of color pink shoes of course! But let's not forget the red necklace which again adds a pop of color which is a perfect example of adding different colors!

It's okay if your outfit is blue and has red and pink as your complementary color because it makes everything much more fab, because like what most designers say if everything is pink it's going to be too match-y and end up plain and boring! So mix up your colors as long as they look good together! ;D

The second picture is our shoes and again I'm on the left and Daphne is on the right and my shoes are simple compared to Daphne's which are adorable! But I'm not sure if you can see it but my black shoes are rooched! (Idk how to spell it..)

The third picture is Daphne's necklace which was given by Anne as a christmas gift and the fourth is my necklace again given by Beatrice.

Next time: Our Batch Party Special! Sketches, our project sketch, more sketches and a  bunch more outfits and guests! Stay tuned!

-Pam <3

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Casual Classic

Ann Taylor Shirt, Gift given Bag and Parfois Shoes

            Just keeping it casual, wearing an Ann Taylor 'half-sleeves shirt' a plaid skirt, flats and a '2-in 1' bag . Let me explain the bag, The first picture is the sling bag normal one, with i cheated because the second part of the bag the one the holds the chain broke so I cheated it and the second one i decided to just let in hang so the result is yup: up there. 
What do you think?

<3 Anne

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Shirt: GingerSnaps/ Short: Unknown

Shirt: HerBench/ Shorts: Preppy

Hey guys! Sorry i haven't posted recently so yeah sorry!

Anways, the first picture was the one i promised last time, so here it is! The second picture is what i wore today and for me i find it adorable and i took my chance on using a very flashy color since it is summer! I just miss bright colors! And the last one is our friend Bianca's outfit and i have to admit it really is cute!

I also web tout yesterday to meet the designer who will be making my outfit for our Batch Party -Oh! I haven't explained this yet! So you guys are really into a treat because me and my batch mates are going to have a Batch Party this March and our theme is Hollywood so me, Daphne and Anne wil be taking pics of our friends costume and we will of course post it here! Isn't that exciting! And i will be seeing my almost finished outfit on Wednesday! And no i won't be posting a pic of it coz that will spoil everything! So keep an eye out!- Anyways, so i went out on Saturday to but i didn't post what i wore but i will post it soon once i take a pic!

Next time: Our sketch of our project, My sketches, More outfits, Guests, and tutorials! Stay tuned!

- Pam <3

Friday, March 2, 2012

Your Lucky Day!

Hello! It's Daphne! Today was really fun..and these were the outfits worn by me and my friends. :)) Sorry there are no brands.

      That's me on the right! I love nerdy outfits :))).I love these pants, they've been with me for years! Also, the shoes are so comfortable, but the metal rusted 'cause I thought since it's rubber it could get wet! (Silly me.) And the beautiful necklace was lent to me for the day..a close up below.
     I Also loved my friend, Katrina's, outfit; he shoes and shirt rocked!
      My other friend's (Bianca) outfit! I loved her was so funny because it was draping so low and she didn't have a tank under so we pinned it up. XD
      Another friend! We'll call her Beatrice, I seriously loved her jacket! Plus her necklace was so cute (close up pic below). <3
      Anne's outfit!! Her tank was adorable! Her vest thing is super cute too..(and it's boho :P)...Ignore the foot to the left! haha I didn't notice it. :))
      Close up of the necklace I was wearing earlier. I returned it to her later in the day. :D
     Close up of Beatrice's necklace. So glam :D

    Sorry Pam that you couldn't make it! We can have more gimmicks!