Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Strike 2

Hola everyone! Sorry you haven't seen any posts like this recently! It's just that summer is almost over and yeah!
So this was Daphne's outfit, and i absolutely loved her pants! They we're a pastel pink- and in jean material of course!

So here's a tip i told Daphne:
If your jeans are to short that it goes up to your ankles you can cut it and turn it into shorts, fray the edges add studs on the pockets whatever you like! As long as they still fit of course! ;)

Her necklaces were adorable as well, there we're 3 and they were all vintage looking, so you can stack necklaces like how you can stack bracelets and rings! ;)

So here's an outfit our friend wore, and jsyk this was when we had Photography Class so yeah!
Another trend now is sheer clothing which is awesome!

So you can put something under of course like a tank or if your brave enough a bandeau! :)

Lastly this was my outfit, I really like the shirt- and it had some embellishments on the top which is why i love this outfit. The shoes- was featured in a previous post and NO they weren't as painful as they were in the first day i wore them which happened to be during our first photography class but it DID cause my 'heeled' blister to peel... well like what Christian Loubitin said his shoes aren't about comfort but how it looks. You gotta sacrifice things ya know...

Anyways, i tucked in the shirt in my shorts just so that it could keep things interesting, i also added on a necklace but its not that seen... And i decided to wear my shoes just to add a pop of color which is an option, but you can use colorful accessories, or a colorful bag, shirt, shorts. You can also put patterns as well.

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Stay fierce! <3

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'd like to buy you something, but I don't have any money.

By: DaphneI'd like to buy you something, but I don't have any money.

Hi haha sorry we haven't been posting, we had a hacker scare. XD Sorry again that this isn't a REAL post, I haven't had the time to take and upload stuff I've been wearing....If it's any consolation, I have that exact shirt right there in the set!  Ok, so I love Polyvore. I used to be OBSESSED with it from 2009 - 2010. As in I was in London and I wouldn't go on some tours just to be on this website the whole day. (I regret that so much now -_-). I you have one, add me?
Check out the song btw! Money - Drums. T he lyrics are funny/cool.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Paper Beads


    Hey/ Hello/ How are you?/ What's up?

Okay after that..., so to skip the hellos and all lets go to my post, DIY! I absolutely love DIY especially cool and easy ones that look rocking on you. To introduce one, here is Paper Beads! You guys probably heard of them or not, here are some awesome pictures from the famous by Christine

The first one is a Mardi Gras paper bead earrings and the second one is a bracelet combined with paper beads, glass beads and etc..
I actually made a few myself with recycled decoration paper and its not that hard! What I love about them is that you can change the shape the style.Here is a tutorial from YouTube... There are actually more so you can check them also in YouTube.

You can also buy a box like this...  to start you off, its really easy, there is a simple 'machine' inside that can help you make a few and you can use varnish to make them more steady and sturdy. 

ON AMAZON: $12.34 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. Details
and it includes decor paper, a simple paper bead machine, elastic thread and a small plastic of glue.

They actually have more products that are about recycling and stuff so I encourage you to check this brand out :-)

Hope you enjoyed and learned, more to come by me!

<3 Anne.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Record of the Day!

Another cover by the famous Jayme Dee of We Found Love! Go ahead and listen to this slower version of the song and you'll literally fall in love with it hopelessly! (See what i did there?)

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- Pam ~ <3

Monday, May 21, 2012


Hey guys! It's Daphne. Soooooo, this is what Pam and I wore to photography class!

bag - Iroiro
  I'm really into these seaside styled bags now. I think It's the thick ropes that give it the sailor-esque vibe. I even got a backpack with a similar design!
Shoes: Staccato
Pam's shoes are so cute aren't they? Although she got blisters she said, 'You have to suffer for style', or something like that. XD I think she just needed to break them in.
Shirt: Nava/ Shorts: Oxygen/ Tank: Unknown
I loved that long tank she's wearing!

Haha, our other photography classmate wore these shoes and I found them so funky that I shot them without her noticing!

Top - H&M
Skirt - In Fashion
Necklace - From mom and dad's beach trip
Here's my outfit! This outfit was really comfortable although I get really fussy when I wear a bandeau 'cause I think it's falling. Of course it didn't. XD On the skirt, I loved it! Usually when I wear skirts I feel like my backside is exposed, but the fabric of this one was heavier than my others so I didn't worry at all!

That's it! (sorry for the lame post). =D

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tutorial Frenzy!

Hey guys! So i just want to talk about the trends that have been going on this Spring and explain more things about it and what to wear!

SO since color blocking is soooooo in nowadays i decided to share with you guys this little DIY tutorial on how to make old boring jeans into amazing rainbow colored jeans! Now your probably wondering what is color blocking?

~ Wearing just blocks of color!
~  But there's spring color blocking! Which is just the overly done exaggerated version of course!

Spring Color Blocking!

A few tips!

~ the louder the better! Obviously never take this opportunity for granted! Because a pop of color is all you need for a wow factor!

~ DO NOT hesitate on wearing colors that clash! Since its so common to use coordinating colors why not try pink and red? Or if your a bit conscious then just use complementary, and it can never go wrong!

~ Simplicity makes everything better! When accessorizing, try using neutral colors- including grey since it is now considered one why not?

~ ANDDDD use only 3 colors. THREE. If you go above and beyond- you'll look like a christmas tree or a rubix cube. And it is not cute. So no. 2-3 colors only.

~ An easier way to figure out what color goes with what is to use a color wheel and whatever is in it's opposite is for sure the color you should be wearing!

Obviously since it is a spring kind of post we should pair it up with some spring-y nails, and what better then floral print nails! Basically there has to be some floral print somewhere! :)

BUT if you want to go out there neons are now quiet popular so go ahead and put on some neon pink nail polish! That is of course of your not that much of an expert at nail art, but if you are, then i suggest you play around with nail designs and neons, why not try a neon tribal design? Or a neon zebra print? It really is up to you.

Accessories of course is another must have but like what i said earlier they have to be neutrals if your outfit contains color blocking already, but just to keep things interesting you can make this, and this has several accessories such as pearl flower earrings, braided fabric bracelete and a ribbon and chain bracelete, and of course they don't have to be the same color again they can be turned into neutral colors for your outfits sake just so that it doesn't go full on rubix cube!

And last but not least why not finish the look with a DIY spring headband and simple hairstyle? Now if your outfit is already out there and has color blocking (just to remind you guys again :D) then i suggest you go for a neutral colored headband, but if your outfit is toned down then don't be afraid to pizzaz it a bit with some colorful statement accessories!

Soooo hope this helped you guys get an idea on what your spring outfit should look like! So hope you guys enjoyed this and if you did then please subscribe! Feel free to comment down below and enter our ongoing contest - HG Mocking Jay pin!

Talk to you fashionista's soon! Baboosh!

- Pam ~ <3

Friday, May 18, 2012

Crafts and Hauls

Hey Guys so i was looking for Hauls that had really nice accessories in them and i found one!

So most of them are from Forever 21 and the others are nameless but if you wanna check em out go ahead and check the youtube link on the upper right corner!

Anyways in this last pic i have my updated Polymer Clay Charms and i do hope you guys like them and if you want i can post a tutorial soon after the Mocking Jay Pin one!

So this is just a random post to make up for Tuesday.. since that is my posting day... and Friday is my posting day to.. but oh well! Just ignore me and my randomness!

Yeah, i just decided to post this to show you guys that these are examples of fun pieces that you can make as a center piece or as the statement piece of your outfit.. of course from a statement piece it can turn into just as an accent that sort of helps the outfit be pulled together.

You can choose to use some accessories bought from a store but why not make your own unique piece that other people will be dying to have? Wouldn't it be nice to have someone approach you and say hey i like your necklace or bracelet or whatever your wearing and say in reply that you made it? So i hope this inspires you guys to make your own things or learn more about accessories!

Talk to you fashionista's soon! Baboosh!

- Pam ~ <3

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Design Naturally

       Dont mind me just doing my duty you know posting :) so I would appreciate it if you just scroll down you know and miss this post, okay its probably too late :-( AnyWays, to just say it, this is a small "art piece" I made while boredom over took me I decided to 'decorate' and abandoned beads with a marker. The one with incoherent "stripes" are totally by accident or I tried to make it by accident. I hope you like them :-) I'm actually pretty proud of them hehe, so l-a-m-e. More to come hopefully :)
SIDELINE TIPS: Used, permanent sharpie marker, abandoned beads and my creativity. i can suggest you can decorate actually everything with just a permanent marker and creativity :-), clothes, jewelry, paper, etc.

Which do you like?>

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<3 Anne

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Record of the day!

Amazing cover of Pumped up Kicks by Jayme Dee ~ a youtube singer ~ I swear i got hooked to this song that i had to download it and put it on my phone... :)

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


By: Daphne

belt - unknown
jeans - VIVA & PS
T-shirt - unknown

Necklace - Mom
Hey guys! So, I wore this outfit to watch Avengers! haha there's no connection but that's just what I did when I wore it. :) Avengers was awesome by the way. There was really good character development and amazing action. XD
I was feeling really edgy/grungy today haha. So I went all out with a studded belt, ripped jeans, and some swirly/pointy necklace. :) Only the jeans and belt were very grungy and edgy but it's enough for this topic:

Grunge is back! It started in the 90's because of the influence of grunge/punk/rock bands (just like now, only now it's pop/dance/hip-hop).

This link shows some ways to have 'grunge beauty':!
If you don't want to to open the link, most of the tips were -
  • Dark rimmed eyes or dark eyeshadow.
  • Mussed up hair, bedhead (that'll be easier in the morning XD), and unwashed hair (not recommended)
  • Laid back style.
For clothes:
  • Grungy dress
  • Faded denim
  • plaid
  • Distressed jeans

It's more of 'breaking the rules' of what fashion is; Unique clothes.
  • Studs
  • Zipper Accents
  • Black
  • Leather Jackets
  • Boots

Monday, May 7, 2012

It's Just Buisness


Jeans: COMS Jeans, Forever 21 Shirt

      Its Meeeeeee! Hello, its my um... (checks) 9th post! (acc. to the labels :) ) Sorry about all our err... short brake and loss of new posts :) Now, To fashion business, For a full day with tasks and jobs to shuffle around and handle, I suggest a light comfortable outfit that you will appreciate the whole day. I wore this to a fair that I had to lend a hand (it was so much fun!) and it worked out perfectly because i did not have to worry about heels, jackets and etc... I wore a top with just colors, no print, with a white plain vest and free loose jeans that was given to me, and the typical rubber shoes and a few accessories to touch it up a bit.
It suited me perfectly!
How is it?
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Organizing your closet!

by: DaphneFor my blog

Made on

Does your closet look like a natural disaster just happened? Mine used to be like that, but while I had a free day, I sat down and took everything out of the closet. Here are some tips on how to get it more organized!

  • Before refolding and stacking, look through your clothes and set aside stuff you don't really want anymore, or don't fit. Look through them again and see if they're worth keeping (or worth modifying).

  • Pants and leggings is one stack, shorts and skirts in another. This is because they're similar in length. Though I suggest long skirts should be hung.
  • For shirts, keep tank tops, blouses, regular t-shirts, and croptops/ drapey shirts in different stacks. If you don't have that much space, you can combine t-shirts with croptop/drapey shirts.
  • Some people organize their shirts by color. I don't do this because there are to many colors XD, and even if you don't organize it by color, it's still easy to see what colors they are. If it works for you then good job!
  • I suggest keeping 'house clothes', and sleeping clothes in a different place altogether.
  • Keep underwear in a drawer. This is kinda obvious.

Hang jackets/coats/dresses. You can fold FLOWY vests, but hang stiff or big vests.

What do you do with all those clothes you don't want/don't fit?
  • Give it away to charity
  • Give it to someone who's holding a garage sale
  • Give it to your smaller sister/friend/relative
Because I don't have an outfit, here is a Fashion set I made on (this website is AMAZING XD) :
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Friday, May 4, 2012

Splash of Color


A little peep! You'll see the real deal when i wear them on Sat in Summer Photography Class with Daphne!

Excited to wear this on Sat as well!

 Hello! So as you can see i put the stuff i got for my birthday and you will be seeing me wear them on an upcoming post! Anyways since went shopping for my ___th B-day here's my outfit when i went out!

Necklace: Random Store

Shirt: Fox

Shorts: Unknown

Messy Bun inspired by the tutorial of CuteGIrlsHairstyle
(Link will be down bellow)


~  When your wearing a plain boring shirt add some 'umph' to it by putting on either colorful or patterned shorts especially this season now that color blocking is really in.
~ Also if you want to add color through your accessories you may do so, but make sure that that accessory is a statement one!
~ You can put many bracelets on your wrist as well to add a bit of urban-boho feel to it especially when you stack em up.
~ You can also wear long necklaces because it has a modern-casual-classic feel to it. Just be sure to make the long necklace have a bit of color to make it pop!
~ Don't be afraid to class up your look but putting it in a bun -like i did- because it will add an interesting factor to your outfit especially if your going for a summer-y look.

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Link to messy bun tutorial:

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dye hair without damaging it?

So here is a alternative for the usual Dip Dye or Bleaching and this is a really nice inexpensive amazing way to style your hair!


~ you can change the color to suit your outfit
~ less damaging
~ washable
~ and of course stylish!

I really do recommend you guys to do this instead of thinking of dying your hair at an age like 13 or younger. I really prefer coloring my hair only at like the age of 18 and above. So please save your hair! :D

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Mocking Jay Pin!

Wanna learn how to make this?

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~ Starts today and ends on May 31!
~There will be 3 winners who will win the Mocking Jay Pin
~Winners will be announced on the last day or the next and the prize will be received either a week from now or more depending on where you live!

So the winner will be chosen randomly by me, Anne and Daphne! So hope you guys will join this contest and stay tuned! Good Luck!

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