Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mocking Jay Pin!

Wanna learn how to make this?

Then stay tuned for an upcoming tutorial but for now....

it's CONTEST TIME!!~~~~

So since we have had about 800 plus views i decided to give you guys a little treat to celebrate!

So how does this contest go? WELL here are the rules:

~ He or she must have parent's permission if under the age 18 or so to enter since we will send this to you guys via Air Mail or not (If you live internationally)
~ You have to subscribe to us of course
~ You have to be reaaaally sure about entering
~ AND you have to comment down below on what you guys think should we improve and what you'd like to see in this blog!
~ You must comment only once if more then you are disqualified! (Sorry)
~ Starts today and ends on May 31!
~There will be 3 winners who will win the Mocking Jay Pin
~Winners will be announced on the last day or the next and the prize will be received either a week from now or more depending on where you live!

So the winner will be chosen randomly by me, Anne and Daphne! So hope you guys will join this contest and stay tuned! Good Luck!

P.S. To whoever wins please send us your address to our email underallthesedreams@gmail.com and if you'd like your Mocking Jay Pin to be a necklace, pin or just a charm! There will be extra's as well!

- Pam <3


  1. I'd like to enter :)
    Improve on :
    -Posting regularly and more consistently. I noticed that sometimes you don't post for days then suddenly post 2-3 a day, try to post once a day or once every 3 days or once a week- whatever you feel you can do consistently.
    -Advertising your blog. Get your blog more out there so you can get more followers and readers, you can do this by commenting on other blogs, participating in forums, or even by following other blogs.
    What I'd like to see:
    - More posts
    - More followers

    ...Hannah <3

  2. Enter me!

    I think you can improve on how you talk about your outfit and other things because sometimes it seems like it's to long, and us viewers don't want to read the whole thing because we just want to get the main idea or tips right away. So try to keep it short, and italisize or bold your words or phrases that seem more important, some posts are ok but others I just don't feel like reading coz again it is to long...
    Another thing, is you could post more often, I'm not saying you don't post enough but if you do post more it would boost your views. I would really like to see some DIY fashion tutorials on the famous trends nowadays, more advice on ongoing trends and more amazing outfits. Thanks! My names Pam too! Just so you know.. :)