Sunday, April 1, 2012


By: Daphne

So these are my sketches! I used to have more but I don't know where they are...anyway! the second ones were drawn during clubs (it's very boring in Junior Chorale). For the gown I wanted something like those mermaid styled bottoms, but I made it more airy and puffy to give the mermaid style a little twist!
For the short dress I wanted something fun but edgy! The dress is supposed to be a thin material for the light part, but a thick leathery material for the dark parts. The tights are what make it fun!
So now for the first drawing! I didn't really know what I was aiming for. I just started drawing randomly. The bejeweled top was the only main idea of mine, the rest was whatever felt best. I imagine it to be made with a really light fabric, that's why the bottom is meant to be bouncy and fluffed. The side also has a slit. I guess that's how to sketch: Don't analyze every single detail, go with the flow of the drawing!

How do you like the new logo? :)

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