Friday, May 18, 2012

Crafts and Hauls

Hey Guys so i was looking for Hauls that had really nice accessories in them and i found one!

So most of them are from Forever 21 and the others are nameless but if you wanna check em out go ahead and check the youtube link on the upper right corner!

Anyways in this last pic i have my updated Polymer Clay Charms and i do hope you guys like them and if you want i can post a tutorial soon after the Mocking Jay Pin one!

So this is just a random post to make up for Tuesday.. since that is my posting day... and Friday is my posting day to.. but oh well! Just ignore me and my randomness!

Yeah, i just decided to post this to show you guys that these are examples of fun pieces that you can make as a center piece or as the statement piece of your outfit.. of course from a statement piece it can turn into just as an accent that sort of helps the outfit be pulled together.

You can choose to use some accessories bought from a store but why not make your own unique piece that other people will be dying to have? Wouldn't it be nice to have someone approach you and say hey i like your necklace or bracelet or whatever your wearing and say in reply that you made it? So i hope this inspires you guys to make your own things or learn more about accessories!

Talk to you fashionista's soon! Baboosh!

- Pam ~ <3

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  1. My names Pam too! Love your polymer clay charms! I really like how you include posts about crafts and other things. I'm going to follow you now! :)