Wednesday, May 9, 2012


By: Daphne

belt - unknown
jeans - VIVA & PS
T-shirt - unknown

Necklace - Mom
Hey guys! So, I wore this outfit to watch Avengers! haha there's no connection but that's just what I did when I wore it. :) Avengers was awesome by the way. There was really good character development and amazing action. XD
I was feeling really edgy/grungy today haha. So I went all out with a studded belt, ripped jeans, and some swirly/pointy necklace. :) Only the jeans and belt were very grungy and edgy but it's enough for this topic:

Grunge is back! It started in the 90's because of the influence of grunge/punk/rock bands (just like now, only now it's pop/dance/hip-hop).

This link shows some ways to have 'grunge beauty':!
If you don't want to to open the link, most of the tips were -
  • Dark rimmed eyes or dark eyeshadow.
  • Mussed up hair, bedhead (that'll be easier in the morning XD), and unwashed hair (not recommended)
  • Laid back style.
For clothes:
  • Grungy dress
  • Faded denim
  • plaid
  • Distressed jeans

It's more of 'breaking the rules' of what fashion is; Unique clothes.
  • Studs
  • Zipper Accents
  • Black
  • Leather Jackets
  • Boots


  1. I'm really into shredded jean shorts right now. I want some for summer! Thanks for stopping by my blog! So nice to meet you :) Following you on Bloglovin now!

    1. I love shredded shorts too, and I also plan on getting them! :)) it's so nice to meet you as well, and thanks for the follow! I love your blog. :D