Monday, February 27, 2012

Pastel with an Edge

Shirt: GingerSnaps/ Heels: Charles and Keith/ Shorts: IDK yet..

Hey guys! So i haven't posted the full pic of my shirt and shorts but you will see it! It's just that I'm not done editing it yet so spare me! Anyways, so that was the outfit i wore on Sunday when we went shopping (excluding the heels..) so yeah. I can't say it's Boho like Anne but i think its more of Glam.. since that is my style.

Next time? My sketches and our special guest: Bianca! A close friend of mine and Daphne's. You'll be expecting the sketch of a project we will start next week and more outfits from me as well! Stay tuned!

-Pam `<3

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Shirt - Forever 21
Shorts - Japan. :))
Bracelet - gift
Necklace - bazaar 

Shirt - BAZAAR again. :D
     Hello! It's Daphne. :) So, the first outfit is what I wore to a reunion last night. (It was horribly awkward 'cause I haven't talked to them in a LONG time! It was fun talking to the oldies though XD.) Anyways! I really liked that outfit because it felt so casual yet so dressy and boho - This is boho right Pam?.
   I don't usually wear accessories because I'm more of a simple outfit kind of gal, but I felt the bracelet matched so much with the skirt and the necklace also had the same feel!
   I really love the shorts because it looks like a skirt, plus my parents got it from their yearly couple trip. :))
   I also love the shirt because it's so comfy and versatile...although it gets hot haha.
     The second outfit is of my sister's. I LOVED her shirt!!! Although I don't think I would wear it because it's a bit...too feminine? It's not my style. :)) Still, I loved it!

Does it make sense to love an outfit/article of clothing and yet wouldn't want to wear it?

Friday, February 24, 2012


Heels: Charles and Keith, Stella Luna and CMG

Hey guys! It's Pam again and now i posted a picture of my mom's heels... yes there's more actually then just these 5 -trust me- this is just the one displayed and what she's wearing for this month and I'm posting my moms heels coz one i don't own any nice heels and two i'm not old enough to wear but if i had the chance to i would.

So anyways i have exciting news for you guys! So we will be having a few special "guests" sending us pictures which we will post in this blog for the upcoming blogging years but of course we will also  be posting our posts as well and speaking of posts Anne, will be posting a few or maybe a lot over the weekend for you guys since she hasn't really posted recently.

What to expect on our next post? Our featured guests of course! Anne's posts, our project preview, a sneak peak of my mothers closet and possibly her make up kit if i could get a hold of it, a few posts of my sketches (maybe), the second part of my closet (another maybe) and my outfit.

I'm not quiet sure if i'd be able to post my outfit for sunday since my family will be going out just for a while to buy some school supplies, so there will be a possibility for a new post~

-Pam <3

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Here we go~

Shirt: Bazaar / Shorts: Gingersnaps

Friendship Bracelets: D.I.Y

Hey guys! So in the first pic is my outfit that i took recently today, sorry btw it's kinda blurry. The second and third is the accessories i used which is a bolar -is that how you spell it?- and friendship bracelet's.

In the last picture its my closet, its a lot neater now actually and i kinda have a lot of shirts but this is a mix of shirts, tanks and under shirts while in front is the skirt and shorts, and i do have another part of the closet for me to show you guys but there isn't much in it yet since their all in the laundry so yeah.

So what's coming over the weekend? WELL, i'll be posting our current project that will start next week- Feb 27 i guess- and i will post my craft things and of course my outfit! Stay tuned guys! :D

-Pam <3

Hello again! It's Daphne. :) 
     So,Today was pretty funny! Our friends Bianca and KatKat were fighting. Not a serious fight of course. (why would I find that funny? :))) But a fight/alternate of funny comebacks. HAHA. I suck at comebacks, I don't know how people do it. 
EX. Friend: *says something mean*
Me:......YOU'RE MEAN! 
See? So anyway, it was so funny I forgot about what they were fighting about...

     So now, since this is a fashion blog, the first pic is my mom's makeup. I'm not going to show you mine because personally I have very FEW makeup. :[. Sometimes I wish I could use my mom's makeup but I know I'll make myself look like a clown with my noob skills :)). Hopefully her makeup won't be ruined when she hands it down to me!

     The second pic is just a bow I got at a bazaar...nothing more. I really love it. Although, I forget to wear it most of the time ^_^.

     The last pic is of my sister's Christmas dress. My sister had it inspired by a Betsey Johnson dress so my mom bought fabrics and had it made and everything. I love it so much! I wanted to put my dress but it looked weird on the hanger. I might wear it for the blog or another party so I'll post it here :).

Monday, February 20, 2012

Hello!! First post, YAY. Haha, beat you Pam and Tiff >:)
So, the first pic is my outfit from yesterday...kinda nerdy 'cause I tucked it in but i like it :). Oh, and look a at that awkward lady in the back! (I think she was fixing something haha.)
The second pic is the bag I sewed in had sucky stitches but I'm proud. It's  the first thing i've ever sewed using a sewing machine. OLD SCHOOL!! :P
The last pic is of my closet. I share this one with my sister and I have another cabinet with my real clothes. These are just some tutus/dresses I wore to a party.

Okay first post. I'm still warming up so this will get better!! :D
See ya!