Monday, April 30, 2012

A little bit of Men's wear

Dress: Pretty in PInk


 ~ To dress down a dress you can add a belt- such as a vintage looking belt like the one on top or if you don't have it you CAN use men's belts because it's an amazing alternative to the usual vintage apparel

~ You can throw on top of course a cardigan to add a laid back feel to your outfit and sneakers 

~ If you want a classic look you can just go for a blazer instead of a cardigan and of course flats or heels

Those of course are just a few tips but if you guys have more ideas feel free to comment! And if you like this post follow us to see more!

What to expect next time: MORE tips, a tutorial on the oh so famous Hunger Games MOCKING JAY PIN!!! ANDDD a little contest! :D Stay tuned! ~

- Pam ~ <3

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