Monday, May 7, 2012

It's Just Buisness


Jeans: COMS Jeans, Forever 21 Shirt

      Its Meeeeeee! Hello, its my um... (checks) 9th post! (acc. to the labels :) ) Sorry about all our err... short brake and loss of new posts :) Now, To fashion business, For a full day with tasks and jobs to shuffle around and handle, I suggest a light comfortable outfit that you will appreciate the whole day. I wore this to a fair that I had to lend a hand (it was so much fun!) and it worked out perfectly because i did not have to worry about heels, jackets and etc... I wore a top with just colors, no print, with a white plain vest and free loose jeans that was given to me, and the typical rubber shoes and a few accessories to touch it up a bit.
It suited me perfectly!
How is it?
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<3 Anne


  1. thanks so much for visiting! looks like you are just starting out too how exciting!


  2. Awesome outfits! :D