Monday, April 9, 2012

Random Fashion Tips :)

Hello! It's Daphne. :)
This is a VERY pretty nail polish because It's purple with gold flecks. :)
  • NEVER lay it on too thick - this will make it peel off after a few days - that's exactly what happened with this manicure.

^Nail Polish Tip^
It's summer! (for us :)) which means it's time for summer nails!

T-shirt - Zara (I think)/gift
Skirt - Forever 21
Necklace - From parents' trip.
This outfit has no story behind it...I just really wanted to wear the skirt because right now printed/boho fabric skirts are really in, and I understand why!
  • For plain shirts, use accessories to spice up an outfit.

These kinds of accessories can range from cheap to a little pricey - it all depends if you want real or fake corals. Most of these can be found at those little vendor-style shops at beaches, beach-themed stores OR boho-themed stores. Tip:
  • Coral/rock-looking necklaces are the perfect summer accessory for the beach! It looks even better when you layer multiple necklaces.

Assorted bracelets - unknown
Nail Polish - Orly
Bangles are so old-school I guess but they still look really pretty for summertime (and any outdoor activity). Tip:
  • Stack bracelets so you don't need many other accessories...Plus it makes a pretty sound when you move...PLUS it gives a nice gypsy feel.

Shirt - Boutique
Shorts - Shortened from cargo pants
I wore this today to a casual-ish soft opening of Tips and Toes. I wore closed shoes which I do not recommend for a mani-pedi (it makes you really paranoid even when the nail polish is dry). But because I wore shorts, I wore an airy shirt with ruffled sleeves to make it more formal. I wore the bracelets because all the colors matched the comic-like shirt. :D

Money saving tips:
  • You don't need to go to fancy/expensive/branded stores to get trendy clothes - even those under-the-radar shops will have unique and trendy clothes for much less. :)
  • Instead of buying new shorts, shorten pants you've outgrown or gotten tired of - this can be done yourself, or buy a professional (even professionals can be cheap).

I have a few ideas for my ext posts. :)
Do you guys have any post ideas you'd like to see?
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