Monday, April 9, 2012

Kid-ding Around

Zanea shoes (again), shorts, ABaKada bag and My personal necklace!

      F.Y.I the background of the picture is a slide :-) and of course of me.. just kid-ding around. Hey, its summer! the perfect time to be a kid! So outfit synthesis: being in a cool place/environment, I dawned on a grey sweater, and shorts so not to block the cool air. I did not really focus on the clothes instead: the accessories! Kiddy time! Psst! How do you find my cutie necklace? joined it together myself (proud grin) with stray necklace plastic string I bought and my loose assortment of silly bands and letter bracelet accessories. The thing is everyone has fashion (everyone) its the style that differs, this blog is not for telling you what to wear but telling you what you CAN wear and introducing you to different things. So Whatcha think? So thats my kiddie time!

What's your kiddie outfit?

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P.s.s.s (more P.s!) Thanks to my sister (so much!) for taking these fabulous pictures!

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