Sunday, June 10, 2012


By: Daphne
Sweater - Mango
Hey-oh! So let's talk about the sweater/cardigan. I got it on SALE, so don't think I'm rich for shopping at Mango hehe! I usually don't go for sweaters because I feel really hot in them where I live. I couldn't pass this up though because the fabric was so soft and thin. My sister said it looks really 'preppy', I think it's the color. One last note: I got it in XL instead of my size (S) because I wanted it like an oversized sweater. So don't be afraid to try things in different sizes because you never know, it might give off a different look that you like more.
Worn with above.
Sandals - Boutique
Worn with above.
Earrings - gift.

My stash of rings that will continue to expand
All - Unknown or in Boutiques
Rings. My current obsession. These little things can make any outfit even more special than it already is. Here are some reasons why I love rings:
  • You can STACK them - Stack them as high as you want! On as many fingers as you want! Make sure you can bend your fingers though. XD
  • You can use them as NECKLACES - Just string them onto a chain and you're good to go!
  • They can be really CHEAP - Especially if none of them have gems.
  • They BLEND - Meaning, if you're trying to go for one look, you can wear a ring that doesn't follow that 'look', and it won't clash.

Pants - Esprit
This isn't connected to anything but I just want to show you what I got recently! It was 50% off, and I'm such a sucker for sales, so I couldn't resist. I love it because it's so different from my other pants (I'll show you guys an outfit with these SOON.). Plus, the color was gorgeous!.

So see you guys next time, and look out for our interview with The RaNdOm Girlies!

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