Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ocean Breathes Salty

By: Daphne

Hey guys! So I went on a vacation before the end of school. I went to....the beach!

Day 1
Top: Boutique
Leggings: Forever 21
Polo: Unknown
Shorts: Unknown
Bathing suit: Arena
A: I wore this on the flight...When on a flight wear something comfortable, you don't want to be fussing on an airplane! My personal favorite thing to wear on flights are leggings and loose/baggy shirts.
B: For the second outfit I wore my tankini top as a shirt. But I covered it up with an open polo shirt. Haha I didn't know I could wear bathing suits as clothes until I read a magazine. :))

Day 2
Top: Boutique
Shorts: Zara
Sandals: Holster
 This part was mostly sightseeing so I wore something I could move around in. :)

Day 3
Bikini: Speedo
Romper: Unknown
Blouse: Unknown
Boardshorts: SM
 A: This day we went snorkeling, and we had to take a boat to the island so I wore this blouse as a cover-up.
B: After snorkeling we headed to the second resort so I changed into a romper cover-up.

 Day 4:
Shorts: Zara
Tank: H&M
Hat: souvenir
This day was all just relaxing...we walked on the beach and I got a henna!!!

Necklace: Souvenir 

Summer Trends:

~ Nautical themed clothing
     a simpler term for this is sailor esque clothing. Nowadays a lot of people like wearing tanks that have stripes and anchors theme which is what i am in to as well nowadays, it perfect for the summer a good thing to pair this up with is a hat may it be a fedora or just a normal beach hat, it also goes well with another popular trend which is colored or printed shorts.

~Printed or Colored Shorts
        this summer and spring a lot of people nowadays love color blocking so people tend to add color through a pair of shorts instead of wearing plain jean shorts. Its a good way to add a pop of color to a plain tank or shirt, you can wear this with prints as well so that the textures may seem interesting.

~ Knitted sweaters
        sweaters nowadays are very in as well as knitted ones, it can be a great cover up for a swimsuit or just as a top to make it look like a layed back comfy outfit you can wear when its cold -which is another good advantage! You can use it as a cover up to when you go to the beach!

~ Tribal Accessories
     this is yet another popular trend which i find never ends since you can wear it at any time may it be day or night so this is something that i think can never go out of style! The good thing about this is you can stack these accessories and they'd still look casual, classy or just something fun!

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