Friday, June 15, 2012

On-going Trends

On-going Trends

On-going Trends by fashion-stars1 featuring antique gold jewelry

Hola everyone!

So this is my first Polyvore set post so i really do hope you guys like this! Anyways, so this post is mainly about on-going trends as seen in the title up thur^

Trends of the month!

Trend 1: Colors
I huge trend this month is colors so people aren't really afraid to wear neons or pastels mainly on their bottoms such as shorts, skirts and all. Another thing is through bags like sachele's which is another trend that is popular nowadays- i don't really need to further explain it...

Trend 2: Bracelets
Stacking bracelets is another popular trend because it just look so pretty and there's just something that makes it look nice- not really that explainable but it is nice to look at, sort of like nail polish! Looks pretty thats why you put it on!

Trend 3: Shirts
So there's a huge trend now for sheer, peter pan collars, and lace shirt nowadays and to be honest i find that this trend is the absolute cutest trend, i don't really know but i am not the collar person but when it comes to this- its an exemption! it may seem formal but you can dress it down with shorts and sneakers.

Trend 4: Vintage Necklaces (Or vintage-y ones)
VIntage-y necklaces are another thing especially long necklaces which is what i think will never die, because to be honest i think this trend is to die for, ok i may say 'die' a whole lot but i mean it! You can pair this with almost any outfit you want!

Trend 5: High Low Skirts
So it may be a skirt, dress or shirt but this is another huge trend, personally i don't want the back of the skirt to be floor length but somewhere near the back of your knee most probably, i'd only wear a long one if it was formal or something but it can be for just normal outings and i really like this skirt mostly with shirts you can tuck in tanks, shirts, almost anything goes with it and it comes in different colors as well.

Trend 6: Heels
Now we all know this is a never stopping trend but nowadays platforms are very in, it may seem so high but thats what you think- platforms are actually at least 3 inches and thats a bit cheating because the one that adds an inch that makes it seem tall is the platform which isn't the actual heel since it's on the sole of the foot.

So hope you guys like this post, sorry i haven't posted for awhile and that this post isn't as good as the others! Please follow us and feel free to comment!

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Stay fierce!

- Pam ~ <3

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