Friday, June 15, 2012

Peter Pan Collars and Statement Necklaces

Peter Pan Collars and Statement Necklaces

Hey Guys :-) 

   Long time no post..., haha its my first polyvore post, and its about Statement necklaces and Peter pan collars!I'm pretty sure you guys are familiar with it already seeing it in magazines, blogs and celebrities!

Peter Pan Collars,
-Detachable collars that can glamor any simple outfit even a plain white shirt with shorts will work! You can buy them at etsy, topshop and other plenty stores! If you cant buy one, make one! Its simple enough!, To help you check out this awesome site that can help you make your own collars, its simple and easy! 

Statement Necklaces.
Another life saver if you want to jazz up your outfit with accessories sometimes you don't even have to add more accessories because its fashionable enough, just like that. For summers, you want neon ones that can make you unique and different!
First Polyvore Post: Check!, Posting soon hopefully, I promise...

-Happy Colors (Collars), Anne <3

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