Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hello again! It's Daphne. :) 
     So,Today was pretty funny! Our friends Bianca and KatKat were fighting. Not a serious fight of course. (why would I find that funny? :))) But a fight/alternate of funny comebacks. HAHA. I suck at comebacks, I don't know how people do it. 
EX. Friend: *says something mean*
Me:......YOU'RE MEAN! 
See? So anyway, it was so funny I forgot about what they were fighting about...

     So now, since this is a fashion blog, the first pic is my mom's makeup. I'm not going to show you mine because personally I have very FEW makeup. :[. Sometimes I wish I could use my mom's makeup but I know I'll make myself look like a clown with my noob skills :)). Hopefully her makeup won't be ruined when she hands it down to me!

     The second pic is just a bow I got at a bazaar...nothing more. I really love it. Although, I forget to wear it most of the time ^_^.

     The last pic is of my sister's Christmas dress. My sister had it inspired by a Betsey Johnson dress so my mom bought fabrics and had it made and everything. I love it so much! I wanted to put my dress but it looked weird on the hanger. I might wear it for the blog or another party so I'll post it here :).

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