Monday, February 20, 2012

Hello!! First post, YAY. Haha, beat you Pam and Tiff >:)
So, the first pic is my outfit from yesterday...kinda nerdy 'cause I tucked it in but i like it :). Oh, and look a at that awkward lady in the back! (I think she was fixing something haha.)
The second pic is the bag I sewed in had sucky stitches but I'm proud. It's  the first thing i've ever sewed using a sewing machine. OLD SCHOOL!! :P
The last pic is of my closet. I share this one with my sister and I have another cabinet with my real clothes. These are just some tutus/dresses I wore to a party.

Okay first post. I'm still warming up so this will get better!! :D
See ya!

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