Friday, February 24, 2012


Heels: Charles and Keith, Stella Luna and CMG

Hey guys! It's Pam again and now i posted a picture of my mom's heels... yes there's more actually then just these 5 -trust me- this is just the one displayed and what she's wearing for this month and I'm posting my moms heels coz one i don't own any nice heels and two i'm not old enough to wear but if i had the chance to i would.

So anyways i have exciting news for you guys! So we will be having a few special "guests" sending us pictures which we will post in this blog for the upcoming blogging years but of course we will also  be posting our posts as well and speaking of posts Anne, will be posting a few or maybe a lot over the weekend for you guys since she hasn't really posted recently.

What to expect on our next post? Our featured guests of course! Anne's posts, our project preview, a sneak peak of my mothers closet and possibly her make up kit if i could get a hold of it, a few posts of my sketches (maybe), the second part of my closet (another maybe) and my outfit.

I'm not quiet sure if i'd be able to post my outfit for sunday since my family will be going out just for a while to buy some school supplies, so there will be a possibility for a new post~

-Pam <3

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