Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Here we go~

Shirt: Bazaar / Shorts: Gingersnaps

Friendship Bracelets: D.I.Y

Hey guys! So in the first pic is my outfit that i took recently today, sorry btw it's kinda blurry. The second and third is the accessories i used which is a bolar -is that how you spell it?- and friendship bracelet's.

In the last picture its my closet, its a lot neater now actually and i kinda have a lot of shirts but this is a mix of shirts, tanks and under shirts while in front is the skirt and shorts, and i do have another part of the closet for me to show you guys but there isn't much in it yet since their all in the laundry so yeah.

So what's coming over the weekend? WELL, i'll be posting our current project that will start next week- Feb 27 i guess- and i will post my craft things and of course my outfit! Stay tuned guys! :D

-Pam <3

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