Saturday, February 25, 2012


Shirt - Forever 21
Shorts - Japan. :))
Bracelet - gift
Necklace - bazaar 

Shirt - BAZAAR again. :D
     Hello! It's Daphne. :) So, the first outfit is what I wore to a reunion last night. (It was horribly awkward 'cause I haven't talked to them in a LONG time! It was fun talking to the oldies though XD.) Anyways! I really liked that outfit because it felt so casual yet so dressy and boho - This is boho right Pam?.
   I don't usually wear accessories because I'm more of a simple outfit kind of gal, but I felt the bracelet matched so much with the skirt and the necklace also had the same feel!
   I really love the shorts because it looks like a skirt, plus my parents got it from their yearly couple trip. :))
   I also love the shirt because it's so comfy and versatile...although it gets hot haha.
     The second outfit is of my sister's. I LOVED her shirt!!! Although I don't think I would wear it because it's a bit...too feminine? It's not my style. :)) Still, I loved it!

Does it make sense to love an outfit/article of clothing and yet wouldn't want to wear it?

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