Monday, March 19, 2012

Double Trouble

Pam (Left) and Daphne (Right)


Pam (Left)
Shirt: HerBench/ Pants: Jag/ Shoes: Random Store/ Necklace: Gift
Daphne (Right)

Hey guys it's Pam once again! So you're probably wondering why me and Daphne are in one picture well its because we had a Parent-Daughter Recollection in school so yeah, and we we weren't able to wear shorts because if we did that would violate our school rules.

Anyways so the first pic is me and Daphne- Im on the left and Daphne is on the right- So i had a simple shirt tucked in, a pair of pants that we're cut on my mid-thigh with a simple brown belt and black shoes, and to make this outfit more interesting i placed on a necklace that i received from my friend Beatrice who was featured in this blog before. Daphne's outfit is a plain blue drappy shirt with a tank top under with simple gray jeans and to add a pop of color pink shoes of course! But let's not forget the red necklace which again adds a pop of color which is a perfect example of adding different colors!

It's okay if your outfit is blue and has red and pink as your complementary color because it makes everything much more fab, because like what most designers say if everything is pink it's going to be too match-y and end up plain and boring! So mix up your colors as long as they look good together! ;D

The second picture is our shoes and again I'm on the left and Daphne is on the right and my shoes are simple compared to Daphne's which are adorable! But I'm not sure if you can see it but my black shoes are rooched! (Idk how to spell it..)

The third picture is Daphne's necklace which was given by Anne as a christmas gift and the fourth is my necklace again given by Beatrice.

Next time: Our Batch Party Special! Sketches, our project sketch, more sketches and a  bunch more outfits and guests! Stay tuned!

-Pam <3

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