Thursday, March 29, 2012


     Hello! It's Daphne!
     So, my post got deleted accidentally though I don't know how. But I'm re-doing it!
Vest - Bazaar
Jeans - Guess
Tank - Unknown
Necklace - brooch from my mom on a chain 
     So the first outfit I wore to a lunch with my mom and her friends. I think this outfit was perfect for that occasion because it had the sophistication to make a good impression on adults. :P But of course it was also a very fun outfit because it had that trendy but comfy feel to it.

Romper - Unknown
      I wore this when I went to the mall with my family for lunch . I was really lazy to dress up that day so a romper was perfect! Rompers are perfect for something you just want to throw on - like a dress! But since dresses are more on the formal side, rompers are really nice because they have the same idea as a dress (in my opinion) but are more casual.
Bracelet - Gift from my dad
      I love this beach-y bracelet 'cause it's so laid-back!

Shrug - Garage sale
Tank - Gift (but from SM)
Skirt - Gingersnaps
      I wore this one to mass and that's why I wore the sweater! The reason I paired this skirt and tank is because I felt the skirt was too dressy. Tank tops are naturally very casual so pairing dressy with casual give it the balance of just right. :)
*No shrug

Shirt - Forever 21
Shorts - My mom had it made from my dad's extra pant fabric
     I wore this on a mall trip with my friends where we watched the Lorax! That movie was so adorable with some catchy songs. :D I wore this because since it was a friend outing, I wanted to be youthful and use the trend of bright summer colors! I really loved the color combo of pink and orange!

That's it for now!

Ooh, and we just finished our logo for the blog so it'll have that little extra pop. :)

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