Saturday, March 10, 2012


Shirt: GingerSnaps/ Short: Unknown

Shirt: HerBench/ Shorts: Preppy

Hey guys! Sorry i haven't posted recently so yeah sorry!

Anways, the first picture was the one i promised last time, so here it is! The second picture is what i wore today and for me i find it adorable and i took my chance on using a very flashy color since it is summer! I just miss bright colors! And the last one is our friend Bianca's outfit and i have to admit it really is cute!

I also web tout yesterday to meet the designer who will be making my outfit for our Batch Party -Oh! I haven't explained this yet! So you guys are really into a treat because me and my batch mates are going to have a Batch Party this March and our theme is Hollywood so me, Daphne and Anne wil be taking pics of our friends costume and we will of course post it here! Isn't that exciting! And i will be seeing my almost finished outfit on Wednesday! And no i won't be posting a pic of it coz that will spoil everything! So keep an eye out!- Anyways, so i went out on Saturday to but i didn't post what i wore but i will post it soon once i take a pic!

Next time: Our sketch of our project, My sketches, More outfits, Guests, and tutorials! Stay tuned!

- Pam <3

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