Friday, March 2, 2012

Your Lucky Day!

Hello! It's Daphne! Today was really fun..and these were the outfits worn by me and my friends. :)) Sorry there are no brands.

      That's me on the right! I love nerdy outfits :))).I love these pants, they've been with me for years! Also, the shoes are so comfortable, but the metal rusted 'cause I thought since it's rubber it could get wet! (Silly me.) And the beautiful necklace was lent to me for the day..a close up below.
     I Also loved my friend, Katrina's, outfit; he shoes and shirt rocked!
      My other friend's (Bianca) outfit! I loved her was so funny because it was draping so low and she didn't have a tank under so we pinned it up. XD
      Another friend! We'll call her Beatrice, I seriously loved her jacket! Plus her necklace was so cute (close up pic below). <3
      Anne's outfit!! Her tank was adorable! Her vest thing is super cute too..(and it's boho :P)...Ignore the foot to the left! haha I didn't notice it. :))
      Close up of the necklace I was wearing earlier. I returned it to her later in the day. :D
     Close up of Beatrice's necklace. So glam :D

    Sorry Pam that you couldn't make it! We can have more gimmicks!

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