Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sketches 101

Hey guys! Sorry i haven't posted for the longest time!

So as you can see this is not my usual outfit post and as i promised this is a little peak to my recent sketches! So i made these sketches earlier this month and i just got inspired by so many things- really inspiration can come anywhere so always bring a pencil and paper with you! Or a camera!- Anways the first pic is kind of a masquerade ball kind of thin and as you can see there's a lot of squiggly lines in it so that for me is kind of like a representative of black lace and under it is purple (my favorite color) so I'm using purple not as the main color because like what Christian Siriano said that you have to add hints of your favorite color in your outfit, just because you like that color doesn't mean you should wear it as the main thing.

Next is this dress that extends and it's kind of short in front then it flows to the back in a kind of soft way and it get's longer (the skirt i mean) as it goes to the back. So this dress will be a teal-ish color... its kinda hard to explain so yeah.

Anyways, now that you've seen my sketches wait till you see Anne's and Daphne's. Sorry btw if it's black and white.. that's how i sketch since i don't have and Tria markers yet...

Stay tuned for a tutorial from me, loads more outfits and of course more fashion stuff! 

- Pam <3

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