Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Strike 2

Hola everyone! Sorry you haven't seen any posts like this recently! It's just that summer is almost over and yeah!
So this was Daphne's outfit, and i absolutely loved her pants! They we're a pastel pink- and in jean material of course!

So here's a tip i told Daphne:
If your jeans are to short that it goes up to your ankles you can cut it and turn it into shorts, fray the edges add studs on the pockets whatever you like! As long as they still fit of course! ;)

Her necklaces were adorable as well, there we're 3 and they were all vintage looking, so you can stack necklaces like how you can stack bracelets and rings! ;)

So here's an outfit our friend wore, and jsyk this was when we had Photography Class so yeah!
Another trend now is sheer clothing which is awesome!

So you can put something under of course like a tank or if your brave enough a bandeau! :)

Lastly this was my outfit, I really like the shirt- and it had some embellishments on the top which is why i love this outfit. The shoes- was featured in a previous post and NO they weren't as painful as they were in the first day i wore them which happened to be during our first photography class but it DID cause my 'heeled' blister to peel... well like what Christian Loubitin said his shoes aren't about comfort but how it looks. You gotta sacrifice things ya know...

Anyways, i tucked in the shirt in my shorts just so that it could keep things interesting, i also added on a necklace but its not that seen... And i decided to wear my shoes just to add a pop of color which is an option, but you can use colorful accessories, or a colorful bag, shirt, shorts. You can also put patterns as well.

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Stay fierce! <3

- Pam ~ <3

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