Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tutorial Frenzy!

Hey guys! So i just want to talk about the trends that have been going on this Spring and explain more things about it and what to wear!

SO since color blocking is soooooo in nowadays i decided to share with you guys this little DIY tutorial on how to make old boring jeans into amazing rainbow colored jeans! Now your probably wondering what is color blocking?

~ Wearing just blocks of color!
~  But there's spring color blocking! Which is just the overly done exaggerated version of course!

Spring Color Blocking!

A few tips!

~ the louder the better! Obviously never take this opportunity for granted! Because a pop of color is all you need for a wow factor!

~ DO NOT hesitate on wearing colors that clash! Since its so common to use coordinating colors why not try pink and red? Or if your a bit conscious then just use complementary, and it can never go wrong!

~ Simplicity makes everything better! When accessorizing, try using neutral colors- including grey since it is now considered one why not?

~ ANDDDD use only 3 colors. THREE. If you go above and beyond- you'll look like a christmas tree or a rubix cube. And it is not cute. So no. 2-3 colors only.

~ An easier way to figure out what color goes with what is to use a color wheel and whatever is in it's opposite is for sure the color you should be wearing!

Obviously since it is a spring kind of post we should pair it up with some spring-y nails, and what better then floral print nails! Basically there has to be some floral print somewhere! :)

BUT if you want to go out there neons are now quiet popular so go ahead and put on some neon pink nail polish! That is of course of your not that much of an expert at nail art, but if you are, then i suggest you play around with nail designs and neons, why not try a neon tribal design? Or a neon zebra print? It really is up to you.

Accessories of course is another must have but like what i said earlier they have to be neutrals if your outfit contains color blocking already, but just to keep things interesting you can make this, and this has several accessories such as pearl flower earrings, braided fabric bracelete and a ribbon and chain bracelete, and of course they don't have to be the same color again they can be turned into neutral colors for your outfits sake just so that it doesn't go full on rubix cube!

And last but not least why not finish the look with a DIY spring headband and simple hairstyle? Now if your outfit is already out there and has color blocking (just to remind you guys again :D) then i suggest you go for a neutral colored headband, but if your outfit is toned down then don't be afraid to pizzaz it a bit with some colorful statement accessories!

Soooo hope this helped you guys get an idea on what your spring outfit should look like! So hope you guys enjoyed this and if you did then please subscribe! Feel free to comment down below and enter our ongoing contest - HG Mocking Jay pin!

Talk to you fashionista's soon! Baboosh!

- Pam ~ <3

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