Thursday, May 17, 2012

Design Naturally

       Dont mind me just doing my duty you know posting :) so I would appreciate it if you just scroll down you know and miss this post, okay its probably too late :-( AnyWays, to just say it, this is a small "art piece" I made while boredom over took me I decided to 'decorate' and abandoned beads with a marker. The one with incoherent "stripes" are totally by accident or I tried to make it by accident. I hope you like them :-) I'm actually pretty proud of them hehe, so l-a-m-e. More to come hopefully :)
SIDELINE TIPS: Used, permanent sharpie marker, abandoned beads and my creativity. i can suggest you can decorate actually everything with just a permanent marker and creativity :-), clothes, jewelry, paper, etc.

Which do you like?>

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<3 Anne

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