Monday, May 21, 2012


Hey guys! It's Daphne. Soooooo, this is what Pam and I wore to photography class!

bag - Iroiro
  I'm really into these seaside styled bags now. I think It's the thick ropes that give it the sailor-esque vibe. I even got a backpack with a similar design!
Shoes: Staccato
Pam's shoes are so cute aren't they? Although she got blisters she said, 'You have to suffer for style', or something like that. XD I think she just needed to break them in.
Shirt: Nava/ Shorts: Oxygen/ Tank: Unknown
I loved that long tank she's wearing!

Haha, our other photography classmate wore these shoes and I found them so funky that I shot them without her noticing!

Top - H&M
Skirt - In Fashion
Necklace - From mom and dad's beach trip
Here's my outfit! This outfit was really comfortable although I get really fussy when I wear a bandeau 'cause I think it's falling. Of course it didn't. XD On the skirt, I loved it! Usually when I wear skirts I feel like my backside is exposed, but the fabric of this one was heavier than my others so I didn't worry at all!

That's it! (sorry for the lame post). =D

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