Monday, May 7, 2012

Organizing your closet!

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Does your closet look like a natural disaster just happened? Mine used to be like that, but while I had a free day, I sat down and took everything out of the closet. Here are some tips on how to get it more organized!

  • Before refolding and stacking, look through your clothes and set aside stuff you don't really want anymore, or don't fit. Look through them again and see if they're worth keeping (or worth modifying).

  • Pants and leggings is one stack, shorts and skirts in another. This is because they're similar in length. Though I suggest long skirts should be hung.
  • For shirts, keep tank tops, blouses, regular t-shirts, and croptops/ drapey shirts in different stacks. If you don't have that much space, you can combine t-shirts with croptop/drapey shirts.
  • Some people organize their shirts by color. I don't do this because there are to many colors XD, and even if you don't organize it by color, it's still easy to see what colors they are. If it works for you then good job!
  • I suggest keeping 'house clothes', and sleeping clothes in a different place altogether.
  • Keep underwear in a drawer. This is kinda obvious.

Hang jackets/coats/dresses. You can fold FLOWY vests, but hang stiff or big vests.

What do you do with all those clothes you don't want/don't fit?
  • Give it away to charity
  • Give it to someone who's holding a garage sale
  • Give it to your smaller sister/friend/relative
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