Friday, May 4, 2012

Splash of Color


A little peep! You'll see the real deal when i wear them on Sat in Summer Photography Class with Daphne!

Excited to wear this on Sat as well!

 Hello! So as you can see i put the stuff i got for my birthday and you will be seeing me wear them on an upcoming post! Anyways since went shopping for my ___th B-day here's my outfit when i went out!

Necklace: Random Store

Shirt: Fox

Shorts: Unknown

Messy Bun inspired by the tutorial of CuteGIrlsHairstyle
(Link will be down bellow)


~  When your wearing a plain boring shirt add some 'umph' to it by putting on either colorful or patterned shorts especially this season now that color blocking is really in.
~ Also if you want to add color through your accessories you may do so, but make sure that that accessory is a statement one!
~ You can put many bracelets on your wrist as well to add a bit of urban-boho feel to it especially when you stack em up.
~ You can also wear long necklaces because it has a modern-casual-classic feel to it. Just be sure to make the long necklace have a bit of color to make it pop!
~ Don't be afraid to class up your look but putting it in a bun -like i did- because it will add an interesting factor to your outfit especially if your going for a summer-y look.

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- Pam ~ <3

Link to messy bun tutorial:

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  1. I LOVE your messy bun!!! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog, btw. <3 xO!

    1. Thank you, the link to the tutorial if you want to try it is there! Forgot to put it last time but i dod now! Thanks to for commenting on ours! :D